Temple Kol Ami B’nai Mitzvah

Having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a rite of passage for every Jewish boy and girl. This is the time that you will stand before your community as a Jewish adult. This is also the first time you will be called to the Torah for an Aliyah. You have spent time learning about what it means to be a Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and now it is time for you to start  learning the service. Temple Kol Ami is here to help you with your personal journey.  As a tool to help you we have put together the below information to assist you in your training. Your tutor will help guide you through the process and may refer you to the resources here. You will also find answers to some common questions that you or your parents will find useful. Please contact B’nei Mitzvah coordinator Shari Baum at canedoc@yahoo.com with any questions.

B’nai Mitzvah

This is an optional practice that we encourage everyone in the congregation to consider.
Anyone over the age of 13 years may wear the tallit throughout the Shabbat morning service.
You may take any photographs at the rehearsal, prior to, and after the service. During Shabbat Services, photographs may be taken very discretely so as to not interfere with the congregant’s view of the bimah
The service is a celebration in which the decorum of the Shabbat and the sanctuary must be maintained. Men and boys should be dressed in jackets and ties; women and girls should wear dresses or skirts/pants and tops that have a modest neckline and are not sleeveless. A suit with slacks is also acceptable. Anyone who will be on the Bimah during the service should dress according to these guidelines.
Each Bar Mitzvah will require a tallit, optional for Bat Mitzvahs. A kippah is required for boys and optional for girls. Girls may also wear another form of head covering.

Some Useful Links

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